Get your financial house in order

We all like to save money and it goes without saying that none of use want to pay over the odds for the same product with a different provider. We spend a majority of our lives working earning money to pay for goods and services for day-to-day needs and saving on each of these and getting our financial house in order can have a huge impact on our future financial freedom!

On https://evermoney.co.uk they¬†aim to provide useful help pages and articles on the best way to compare and save on insurance and financial products and services. We do not give financial advice (we leave that to regulated IFA’s), we just publish articles and help pages based on good solid research and real life experiences of our writers and guest bloggers.



Financial Freedom

If you feel that you have an article or real life experience you want to share on themoneysite.com then please let us know through our contact page, we welcome all article suggestions and real life experiences that could help our readers avoid potential problems and help them save money and get them on the road to financial freedom.



It’s all about the money!

In today society there is very little time to stop and think, it’s such a fast paced environment with work, friends and family. Thats why we need to take a little time to think about money, our finances play a very important role in our overall happiness and well being, being one step ahead can make a huge difference.

Financial freedom is not just a dream, it can be achieved easily with a little planning and some small sacrifices along the way. If we make some compromises to our spending habits and leave behind the ‘lets spend’ attitude then we can start to achieve and goal of financial freedom!

What will themoneysite.com will do for you?

Well, over the coming weeks we will publish articles and help topics to help you achieve financial freedom, we do this for free because we believe that society could do with a little help to achieve financial freedom and therefore, overall happiness and wellbeing.

Good luck from all of us at themoneysite.com…

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